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You want GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) speed for your boat.

But accurate Speed-Over-Water (SOW) is a concern because you ski on a River or Bay.

Nautic Laugic introduces the RiverRunner Infusion.

Married to the paddlewheel, the RiverRunner cultivates GPS advantages while diminishing paddlewheel errors.

The idea is simple, use GPS to overcome these Paddlewheel artifacts:

Paddlewheels have significant signal jitter, leading to sluggish, erratic speed control... The GPS signal is pure.

Paddlewheels work best when tracking straight ahead, and not so well in turns... GPS maintains speed in turns for double-ups.

Hull hydraulics, ballast, and varying loads, all afflict Paddlewheel behavior... GPS is immune.

Yet leave the Paddlewheel active in the background, to detect natural water movement.